Landgraff Design Group was first founded by Canadian-born designer Michael Landgraff. A typography-loving designer with a heart of gold, Michael's life work focused on supporting non-profit organizations, financial and educational institutions and small businesses. His Toronto-based team delivered strategic and holistic design solutions that allowed them to scale and grow their brands.  From a young age, his daughter Lindsay (Landgraff) Henry would join him at press checks or at work in the studio. The by-product of two hippies who met and fell in love at art college, some of Lindsay's earliest memories are of sketching with her mom at the kitchen table or drawing with her dad's Pantone markers until the ink ran dry. Their shared love for design, a strong cup of coffee and entrepreneurism connected the father-daughter duo. After receiving her Bachelor of Design Degree from York University in Toronto (Canada), Lindsay moved to Detroit, MI where she rolled up her sleeves and got to work as the Detroit-based arm of Landgraff Design Group.


When Michael Landgraff passed away suddenly in 2005, Lindsay picked up the baton and continued her father's legacy. The Toronto office closed and a smaller, more nimble Detroit team emerged.

ICONIC BRANDS in detroit

In Detroit, Lindsay has helped to create brand stories, ad campaigns and print/digital media for some of the most iconic brands in Detroit including Carhartt, Ford and Lincoln alongside her agency client GTB (formerly Team Detroit). Her beginnings in a small boutique studio allowed Lindsay to see the ins and outs of a small business, interfacing directly with clients to truly learn their needs and deliver solutions.


In 2009, Lindsay was printing a large job for a client when she learned that the off-cuts from the printer’s press sheet were going to be thrown away. Not wanting to see the off-cuts go to waste, she designed little cards to be printed in the margins of these press sheets, and the heart of Inklings Paperie was born. For a brand designer whose work has involved helping small business owners build their brands from the ground up, to create a product-based brand of her own has been a lifelong dream. In addition to her continued work as a brand designer and consultant, Lindsay works alongside her husband and business partner to grow Inklings, now an award-winning stationery and lifestyle brand.

In 2012, Inklings was named a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards and has since been honored with numerous Louie Awards in 2016 and 2017.


Now more than ever, we understand small businesses and know what it takes to build and scale a brand. As we look ahead, our goal is to come alongside passionate leaders of purpose-driven brands and organizations to help build holistic brands. Our team consists of a group of passionate people who are dedicated to creating meaningful, impactful results for our clients. We are small and nimble, attuned to our clients' needs and committed to bringing them results through smart, strategic design solutions.